Welcome to LISAB Group
– Swedish production to the whole world

LISAB Group is a Swedish investment company founded by Anders Larsson in year 2007. LISAB Group focuses on small and medium-sized, industrial, manufacturing and wholesale companies. Within these industries we have high competence and long experience. One of the strengths of LISAB Group is that the companies have close cooperation in terms of exchanges in both expertise and staff.

We know that the way we have developed our companies also works in most other interesting industries. Therefore, we are always interested in growing, exploring and looking for new ideas.

Together, the companies have around 80 employees. LISAB Group has a turnover of approximately 125 MSEK a year.


LISAB Group consists of the following companies

Ojop Sweden AB
Produce an supply Europe largest assortment of toggle latches.
Through more than 90 years of customer focus and innovation Ojop Sweden has grown to a company which today manufacture and sell over a million of latches and a quarter of a million Quick Power battery connectors every year on 5 continents and to over 50 Countries. Products are functional, durable and made to last. Main groups are toggle latches, battery connectors and trailer latches for industrial and private use.
Turnover: 32 MSEK
Number of employees: 23
Core business: Manufacturing industry, Sales of own products

Syntema i Eskilstuna Aktiebolag
Syntema provides all types of paint, equipment and accessories for different types of industry segments.
Turnover: 43 MSEK
Number of employees: 13
Core business: Wholesaler of all kind of paint and material for industrial painting.

Lada Skandinavien AB
Lada Skandinavien AB imports cars and spare parts of the Russian brand Lada.
Turnover: 1,5 MSEK
Number of employees: 1
Core business: Provide the Lada brand on the Swedish market.


Pressargatan 11
632 29 Eskilstuna, Sweden

Switchboard: +46 (0)16 14 73 50
E-mail: anders.larsson@ojopsweden.se

Ojop Sweden AB
Pressargatan 11
632 29 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Switchboard phone: +46 (0)16 14 73 50

Syntema i Eskilstuna Aktiebolag
Kungsgatan 74
632 21 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)16 10 88 80

Lada Skandinavien AB
Pressargatan 11
632 29 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)70 757 66 15